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Team Canada Champion Chats is an exciting nation-wide program hosted by the Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Paralympic Committee, and Classroom Champions that empowers millions of Canadian K-8 students to embrace and take on challenges, prioritize mental health, achieve goals, and ultimately become a champion in their home, community, and school.

This is an exciting, free program that connects Team Canada Olympic and Paralympic athletes with classrooms from coast to coast – from big cities to the most remote communities — and we want you to be a part of it.

Plus, to get you ready for the Olympic and Paralympic games this summer, we have a special “7 day challenge” for your kids and students to get started on today. Register now to get started and take the Champion Challenge!

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How it works

Step 1: Create an account or log in to your dashboard to download the new "7 Day Challenge" activity.


Step 2: Submit questions for athletes to be featured during the next live chat.


Step 3: Tune into the live chat on the TCCC Youtube channel and have fun!

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Join us this summer at the Olympic and Paralympic games. Next Chat is in:

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The Canadian Olympic Committee and Classroom Champions are proud to partner together to bring you Team Canada Champion Chats.

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